Koduri Kiran Kumar - Digital entrepreneur and CEO of Kisra

Koduri Kiran Kumar renowned Entrepreneur is advancing at a rapid speed in the Digital Marketing business. This young boy is superb when it comes to Technology & Digital Marketing; many say “ Kiran Kumar is born to market online.”   For a backbencher who has dropped out of B.Tech to pursue, the coming events in his life were raising shadows in his teenage years itself, at that point, Now Kiran is a certified digital marketer. After struggling with several scams and feeling doomed to look forward towards having the life that he truly wanted, he took a plunge to start his own Digital marketing agency Named Kisra- The largest influencer company in India.

Kiran Kumar founder and CEO of Kisra- the largest influencer company in India specialized in creating brand awareness, traffic, and lead gen, marketing funnels, social media and more.

Those failures were necessary for him to be extra motivated to lead an unconventional platform which fuelled the fire of the expert digital marketer who today is the master of Digital marketing.

Kiran Kumar is setting a top floor for the young generation with his growth in the Digital world. We hope that he leads people under him so that India too comes in the list of top Digital Marketers and also in top IT provider companies.