Because of Covid Sumsa Supari's live program was canceled

The program was held at JNVU, NEW CAMPUS this morning. The program started at 10 am in the morning, which was stopped by the police around 12.30 pm. More than 350 students were present in this program and selected counting students had masks on them, all the others without it. Belonged to the mask. The event was organized by Rajveer Singh Banta (JNVU student leader) and the celebrity guest and special guest of the event was singer and rapper Sumsa Supari but before Sumsa reached the program, the police reached and closed the program. The fans of Sumsa were waiting for his arrival and if this program was there, more than 5000 students would participate in this program, but the police stopped it from happening. The police did not allow this program to happen in view of epidemics like Covid. The fans of Sumsa kept on making noise and due to which the Covid guidelines and the system of administration was blown away. Sumsa wrote to his fans on social media and pacified his fans.