Miss Jelly - Spreading smiles via social media, Digital video content creator

Creating innovative video content is not a cup of tea for everyone. Rather, it is an evergreen and ever growing entrepreneurial skill. Moreover, the journey from bottom to the top is usually full of stories of struggles accompanied by perseverance. The story of Miss Jelly, a twenty one year old digital content creator, is no exception. 

Born on September 6, 1999 and being one of the most popular digital artists in India, this girl from Bihar is an incredible all-rounder.


Although Miss Jelly has invested very few years of her life in the world of social media, yet today she has emerged as a reputed artist whose popularity can be felt among top socialites to even B-town celebrities. 

Known for her skills and artistry,  Miss Jelly has built up a reputation of being excellent in what she does. Miss Jelly can be called as a specialist who knows the intricate secrets of creating magic with her content. She makes everyone spellbound with her extraordinary talent.

 Miss Jelly quotes, “The journey was not at all easy, but I have never lost faith in myself. It was my passion who has ignited fire in me to become a successful woman.” The way she has rolled-up more than 125K active followers on her official Instagram account till now, has totally amazed everybody.

And not only Instagram, but Miss Jelly has also gained a huge fan following on other platforms and social media applications like Josh and Likee among others.

Her infinite passion makes Miss Jelly stand out exceptionally and unmatched in the entertainment industry. With her charismatic personality, she gives an insight into spreading smiles and highlights it in her work.

Miss Jelly has managed to bring her own style statement in the entertainment industry giving it a whole new definition. With her innovative, creative and eccentric ideas in the digital world, she has gained the attention of lots of people from India and worldwide. 

Her gaga and knack for creativity has always kept her talent in the limelight shedding all the attention, cameras and lights upon her from every sphere. Miss Jelly has truly carved a niche for herself and would continue her incredible journey of spreading smiles to masses via her innovative content.