Creating an impact in the world of Digital Marketing via OneTune Media: Sumit Dixit & Aayush Kabtiyal

Digital Marketers Sumit Dixit and Aayush Kabtiyal are India’s youngest digital marketers, both in their early twenties.
Every one of us is well aware of the impact created by Digital Marketing in the global world. It is gradually becoming an important aspect for the big companies to promote themselves and expand their reach worldwide.
Following the path of digital marketing and inspired by Digital Bharat, Sumit Dixit and Aayush Kabtiyal launched a firm and named it Onetune Media. Vicky, Pritesh & kuldeep also the part of team Onetune Media for their respectively role.
On witnessing innumerable companies prosper, these young gentlemen made up their mind to venture into this evergreen profession. Hence, they both initiated their learning process. 
Onetune Media enhances the growth of budding companies especially start-ups. The company is dedicated to provide support along with consultation. 
The goals which Sumit Dixit and Aayush Kabtiyal wish to accomplish via their digital marketing company, Onetune Media are as follows :-
•    To generate maximum sales
•    To reduce the cost but increase the efficiency
•    To target the right
Moreover, Onetune Media by Sumit Dixit and Aayush Kabtiyal has delivered their promising services to several eminent personalities including singers from various regions across India be it Haryanvi, Punjabi, Hindi, Telugu or Kannada.
Undoubtedly, all the singers got benefited with the services provided by Onetune Media. Moreover, the company garnered good response previous year from various recognised firms.
The sole aim of the co-founders Sumit Dixit and Aayush Kabtiyal is to expand their business exclusively for the Swadeshi people of India.
At present, OneTune Media is working diligently on promotions via YouTube and Instagram reels in our country, India. 
Therefore, it is advisable for the budding singers or music labels to reach them for their promising services which comprises of distribution on the leading music streaming platforms be it Wynk Music, Gaana, Spotify, Hungama  or any other promotional feature.
Clients from foreign countries including Canada, Australia, United Kingdom (UK), the United States of America (USA) and United Arab Emirates (UAE), are also fascinated by their deliverables. The motto of Onetune Media is Be Remembered. 

With their well-furnished goals Sumit Dixit and Aayush Kabtiyal can surely connect with the masses with their dedicated digital marketing company, OneTune Media.